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    ¿Es un curso relacionado con eXeLearning o contiene materiales creados con eXeLearning?


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    @jmandonegi‘s answer:

    Hi Gregoryn:

    When the content and the LMS don’t understand each other it can be difficult to guess where is the problem. I use SCORM Cloud as a testing site to check the validity of the content; now we know that your package is a valid SCORM package. Do you know if Syberworks is able to manage multi-sco SCORM packages? That would be the easiest solution.

    eXeLearning is able to export the content in different formats. The Web Site format generates a html page for each node and each page includes the navigation tree. This content can be packaged with reload Editor a single-sco SCORM package.

    You will find a user manual in Reload Editor’s web page. It’s a long time that I used this tool but I think that the STEPS are:

    – Drag and Drop all the resources to the Files box (the one in the left).
    – Create an Organisation under Organisations.
    – Create an Item under the Organisation it will be the name of the sco.
    – Drag and Drop all the html files to Resources. Reload will detect the dependencies (images, .css and other files used in the HTML

    You can add metadata if you need them.

    Zip content package and you will get a valid SCORM package with a single sco.
    This package doesn’t have the SCORM API, so you wont get any information about the actions of the user (visited pages, grade, etc). Adding this runtime requires some knowledge of Javascript and it must be done after each export from eXe.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)