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    Diep Toan

    Hi all,

    I’m the new at eXe. For my studing, I’m trying to develop the eXe with adding new question types for student test. I’m make stuck at editing common.js file and rebuilding eXe app but that file is not really updated. Can someone help me, thanks?


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    Ignacio Gros

    Go to the folder where eXe’s installed and look for this directory: /scripts/idevices/

    There you’ll find some iDevices. Those iDevices have been created using JavaScript instead of Python. You can create new iDevices adding them to that folder. Anything in the “export” folder will be exported. You can create a form to edit the iDevice using the JavaScript files of the “edition” folder.

    Check the “example-idevice”. Just copy it, edit the name of your iDevice in the config.xml file and restart eXe.

    There’s some documentation here (in Spanish only for the moment…).

    I hope it helps.

    We’d love to see your activities. Please share us with us. They might be interesting for other users.


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    Diep Toan

    Thanks for your quick reply,

    Currently, I created new iDevices by adding new exampleblock.py and exampleidevice.py file following to the current iDevices. I edited renderEdit, renderPreview, renderView method and add some new methods to element.py to render content what I want.

    I’m making stuck at adding new function to check result of student test. Like showFeedback js function in common.js, I really want to implement the new function like that for my new question type idevice.

    May be I will change to use adding new js file in /scripts/idevices/ like what you said.



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    I also learned about eXe, looking forward to exchanging experiences and knowledge with everyone

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