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    I know most people here are spanish speaking but my spanish is not good. I am interested in the exeLearning project and was hoping someone could help me with the following. Can I embed/import external html files into the interface and then comunicat via code when the html5 has come to an end. either using a line of code or an inbuilt listener?. I want to be ablle to use the exeLearning as my SCORM wrapper so to speak and also use the quz setup for final sumative assessments.

    Is this at all possible in exeLearning

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    Speaking English is completely fine.  One way to do this would be to create a custom style and add your own Javascript: see and look at the existing styles for examples. 

    To be honest what I have sometimes done is change the files after exporting them from eXe.  There is a command called exe_do that can be used to run an export from the command line: so you could for example have a script that exports the ELP file and then adds your own custom javascript etc.

    Of course for SCORM you need to use the SCORM quiz iDevice; the others will not themselves talk SCORM.  Unless you mean you want to use your own script triggered at the end of a page to send SCORM statements.

    Hope that helps.


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    Ignacio Gros

    If you don’t need major HTML changes the best way to do that would be Mike’s first suggestion: Use the “extra-head” and “extra-body” options in the config.xml file of your Style.


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    Thanks guys, As soon as I work out exactly what it is you are telling me I will try it .

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