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    I’m considering to use exeLearning to create some foreign language courses, but if I decide to use it I’d like to have a more complex cloze test in the long run. (I would like the ability to anticipate wrong answers and display some kind of popup that explains why it’s wrong for this specific answer.) I think I’m proficient enough in programming in general to create such an iDevice but I’m not entirely sure how to get started. Is there any kind of documentation on how to write a custom iDevice? (I don’t think exeLearning’s iDevice editor will be enough for this.) How much Python-Code is necessary for this? I haven’t learned Python yet but I know HTML5 + JavaScript and various other programing languages.


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    Great you are looking at eXeLearning for this.  You are correct the plain ‘idevice editor’ will not suffice here; you would need to create your own iDevice.  You essentially need to implement two classes in Python: one class that descirbes the fields (e.g. text, etc) and another class that describes renders those fields into HTML.  I made some development notes on iDevices here:

    You may also want to see the article on setting up eclipse for eXe development here:

    In the medium term there has been discussion on using just HTML/Javascript for iDevices so that you could make a new iDevice using an XML config file and html/javascript code only; but until that time comes one has to use some Python as well.

    Hope that helps. 



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    José Miguel

    Hi Sebastian:

    If you only want to modify the behaviour of the idevice, you can consider another option: just modify the Javascript functions used by the idevice. You will find them in common.js (line 284). If you just want to modify some of those functions, you can create your modified functions in a separate file and include the file in your style. The styles have a configuration file (config.xml) and you should include this in extra-head or extra-body fields: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/style/your_style/YourFile.js”></script>

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