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    hi all,

    I’m new to Exe, and after using it for two week i realize that it does not support the learning flow, like you must complete this topic to do the next one. And I want to develop this feature. Can someone help me to build this project.

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    Ignacio Gros

    Good news! Thanks! I’ll try to help you. How are you planning to do that? Just JavaScript that doesn’t allow you to go to the next page or fill in the next activity until you finish the current one?

    In that case, you could do it in your Style’s JS file (create a Style using the Style Designer, export a package with different pages and activities and edit the _style_js.js file).

    If the SCRIPT works it could be included in eXe, which might need a new export preference.

    Please tell us if you’re thinking in other kind of approach.

    Thank you!

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    thanks for your helpfull reply, I think making a new JS’Style could not solved my requirement.

    I mean, for example that we have 3 topics on the main page, student open that Scorm package, they click on the “Topic 3” and they will receive an error dialog say that “You should finish Topic 1, Topic 2 to do this Topic.” and bring they back to the “Topic 1” page.

    thanks you, hope to see your solution. I have build Exe project successfully.

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    Ignacio Gros

    If you want an export (website, SCORM…) to do that you’ll need a JS file that controls the flow (you didn’t finish Topic 1, so I bring you back to the part -or page- where it is). You could use HTML5 Web Storage and/or cookies.

    That file could be in your Style. Or you can add the code at the end of common.js and then share your changes or make a pull request in GitHub.

    The best solution will be one that works in all kind of exports (website, IMS, SCORM, etc.).

    You could also use SCORM 2004, which is a standard. But it will only work if the LMS is standard compliant (not Moodle at this moment). @jmandonegi, who knows much more than me about those standards, suggested that (thanks, José Miguel).

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    José Miguel


    Well, I just know that SCORM 2004 is intended for that. 😳

    That version of the standard has a chapter (Sequence & Navigation) that defines some metadata to specify those rules. It will only work if the LMS is 2004 compliant (not Moodle)

    If you decide to develope those functionalities in eXe, you will have to:

    • Define some page properties and some forms in eXe to edit the data required for the flow.
    • Modify the SCORM 2004 export to include those data in the manifest.
    • There may be some changes in the use of SCORM runtime (add some Js calls).

    Good luck!

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