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    Dear all
    I find exe-learning an excellent program to help teachers make lessons for students with learning difficulties. Our school has a well developed special education program and we work with students who present a wide variety of disabilities.
    In order to produce material that corresponds to their needs, we need to have idevices that would produce material questions that are : Matching, sequence, drag and drop,ranking and hot spot.
    Are these idevices possible with EXE? did anyone work on these?
    looking forward for your feedback
    thank you

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    Ignacio Gros

    Hi, Ramzi.

    Thank you for your comments.

    I don’t think that those iDevices are available for the current version (2.1.3), but this year (probably before May, but we don’t know yet) eXe will include a new system to create iDevices. Programming a new iDevice will be much easier. More information here:

    That version will include a ‘Scrambled List iDevice’. The student will have to order the list with D&D or clicking on arrows.

    Please provide links to what you would like to do. It might be interesting for other users too, and maybe eXe can include that in the future.

    Any help is welcome, so if you are a JavaScript programmer and you want to create those iDevices to be included in eXe, just tell us.

    Thank you!

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    Dear Ignacio and Mike
    Thank you for your answers, we will be looking into what to do and how to do it soon, but I still have one more question, can we have the scorm quiz results for a class of 20 students (for example) be saved and sent to a grade register?
    Looking forward for your suggestions
    Ramzi Ataya

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    Ignacio Gros

    Hi, Ramzi.

    I hope that you can develop those new iDevices.

    To learn more about SCORM in eXe, you can read @jmandonegi‘s answers:

    This one’s about that:

    Good luck with those iDevices! And please share them if they can be interesting for other users…

    Thank you!

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    Rafael Vidal

    Hi, Ramzi.

    Why don’t you try to create the contet with Hotpotatoes and import them into Exelearning?

    Here you have the steps: (Easy to translate with )

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