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    Hi all,

    We are glad to announce the release of 2.0.2 version of eXe.
    The final changelog is as follows:
    intef-exe (3:2.0.2) lucid; urgency=low
      [ José Miguel Andonegi ]
      * Add class exe-hide to hide elements when exporting. In exe edition page and TinyMCE edition, hidden elements are
      * Prevent class change in media elements
      * Additional change in atributes.js: if media related classes are being used, the combo is disabled to prevent user
        from changing it
      * onclick event added to image preview so that user can refresh manually the image.
      * <meta content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ http-equiv=”Content-Type”> added to all html in TinyMCE
      [ Juan Rafael Fernández ]
      * Contributes to updating Debian packaging to dh7, fixed naming,
        permissions, adding dependencies etc.
      * Contributes to making the Debian package valid for all architectures,
        eliminating compiled files
      * Improves the GNU Linux specific files: exe.desktop, exe.xml, menu
      * Creates man files
      * Fixes the address of the FSF (a very minor bug, spotted by automatic
      * Fixes references to old new project, url, email…
      * Maintains the translation templates uptodate and prepares for new version
      * Minor python language fixes: no ‘t’ mode in open(), <> is obsolete…
      [ Ignacio Gros ]
      * Fix bug [#2305]: User’s iDevices: The feedback button custom text was not displayed.
      * Fix bug [#2274]: Print Style Sheet. Display feedbacks and results. + #navcontainer is not required (it’s now called
        #siteNav). The Print Styles have to be reviewed.
      * Fix bug [#2291]: ePub3 & idevice NOTE (“Opening and ending tag mismatch”).
      * Fix bug [#2399]: (Image Magnifier). Problem with the proportions of the images (same height and width).
      * eXe Tutorial. New version (eXe 2+).
      * Fix bug [#2384]: TinyMCE’s media preview does not show the video on new videos
      * New exe-hidden and exe-hidden-accessible classes. CSS revision. See #2380
      [ Fran Macías ]
      * Use ‘ordereddict’ in python 2.6
      [ Pedro Peña ]
      * Allow open elp files without
      * Fix bug #[2359]: “When using an animated gif, exe process does not shut down after exiting”
      * eXe sessions don’t expires. Prevent errors after suspend/resume
      * Migrate xliff export preferences window to ExtJS.
        This prevents usage of old dublincore.xul to show language list ([#2249])
      * Removed unnecessary dublincore files
      * Natural sort for language selectors
      * Fix bug [#2296]: Install directory not set
      * Fix 4th problem of bug [#2335]: ePub3 + Readium problems
      * Fix bug [#2288]: Privacy-breach-generic usr/share/exe/scripts/extjs/index.html.
        Remove unnecessary extjs html
      * Revert unnecessary upstream patches to twisted spread banana module.
        Fix bug [#2306]: Possibly insecure files in /tmp
      * Fix bug [#2287]: Let’s use the system feedparser
      * Fix bug [#2286]: Let’s use the system mimetex
      * Add version file to source package.
        Use version file to guess version in builds outside of a git clone
      * Fix bug [#2389] python-support is deprecated, we need to move to dh_python2
      * Fix bug [#2387] The name of the package is wrong
      * Fix bug [#2392] Are and necessary?
      * Fix bug [#2407]: Windows Error exception inserting image in Idevice
      * Up recursion limit and fallback to if recursion limit reached loading contentv3.xml
      * Fix bug [#2394] iDevice ficheros adjuntos (campo descripción)
      * Fix bug [#2383] TinyMCE’s image preview does not show the image on new images
      * Fix bug [#2337] Ask before overwriting
      * Fix bug [#2298] Fill in the blanks, autohides special characters problem
    Thanks everybody 🙂
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