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    <p>Bonjour à Vous,La fin de SCORM est annoncée (?). Est-ce qu’Exelearning proposera un export au format HTML 5 ou sous un autre standard ? Bien à Vous, Jacques Cartier – http://www.jacques-cartier.fr</p&gt;

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    Ignacio Gros

    Bonjour, Jacques.
    I answer in English. I hope it’s OK.
    SCORM is still being used by many LMS. I think It won’t be possible to improve that part soon, as we have bigger issues, like upgrading to Python 3 or changing eXe’s language to PHP or other solution.
    We talked many times about making eXe Single-SCO compatible. Tin Can API’s been considered too. But first we’ll have to solve the server part.
    Apart from that, eXe generates HTML5 pages and activities. SCORM is just the container used to publish and connect with the LMS. You can work with SCORM (we recommend 1.2) and Moodle, for example. Some activities (not many) can pass the score to the LMS, and you can watch the students’ activity. It’s not as good as Single-SCO with full score support, but it still works.

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