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    Hello.    I am working with hundreds of courses that need to be updated regularly and it is taking a huge amount of time to copy and paste each section of the book into eXe.

    I would like to build the eXe course automatically using Javascript.    I will actually run an automation script in the console with eXe open and it will build the course, section by section.

    Scraping the data from my course and formatting it into an array is no problem.. the real issue comes when I want to create the eXe course structure (the Ext.grid.tree treeview) and add content to the course.

    So here are my questions:

    1. Using javascript, how can I add a new page to my eXe project?
    2. Using javascript, how can I promote or demote that page in the treeview heirarchy?  For example I want to change it from a “Unit” to a “Chapter”.
    3. Using javascript, how can I create a text iDevice on the specified page, and insert a string into that iDevice?






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    Ignacio Gros


    There are no defined methods to do those things out of eXe. You could trigger the click event of the different elements to do so, but you’ll have to open each elp anyway…

    Changing the contentv3.xml file of the elp file might be easier. Making big changes might be quite difficult, but it should work if you do them properly.

    Yo can create a SCRIPT to do that in any server language. If you use Python, you might want to check exe_do (using eXe through command line), but those options are not implemented. Please share your code if you find a good solution…


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