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    Hi all,

    Sorry if this is a duplicate of a topic already on the forum in Spanish.

    I am working on a project. When I saved it the last time it took a long time to save. When I now open it, it says “Sorry. Wrong File Format”. I suspect the file may be corrupted. Is there a way to fix this? Does the software do an autosave and can I use that to recover most of the work that I have done So far?

    I look forward to some advice.



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    Ignacio Gros

    I’m afraid that if the file’s corrupted eXe won’t open it. You can try this: Change the extension to zip (an elp is just a zip with a different extension and some required files). If you can’t unzip it, that’s the problem. You can try to fix it using a tool to repair invalid zip files.
    If you can open it, the problem can be in eXe or the elp. You can try deleting these files (first one, then the other one, not both of them): content.dada, contentv3.xml
    If you exported the project before that, you can also try to open the exported content. Check if those files are there. If so, make a zip file and try to open it in eXe (choose “All files” at the bottom so eXe lets you select that kind of file).
    I hope it helps, but if the file’s broken…

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