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    I am very new to eXeLearning and would like to know whether it is possible to create a result page.

    I mean by that, for example, if someone does a quiz I would like to show the results NOT in a small pop-up window, but on a new page, showing which questions were answered correctly, and which not. It would be nice also to show a score. Is this possible with eXeLearning?

    I could not find information on result pages in the already existing posts.


    Alexander Wegener

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    Ignacio Gros

    Hi Alexander,

    There’s no results page in eXe. Each page with a scoreable activity (you can only put one per page for the moment) has its own results (eXe exports in multi-SCO, not single-SCO). If you want to see the results, you’ll need to publish your SCORM package in an LMS, like Moodle, and see the results of the SCORM activities.

    That part will improve in the future (you’ll be able to add more than one activity with score per page, etc.), but there’s no date for that yet.

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