DropDown Activity spacing of answer inadequate in the exercise

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    Dear all,
    We are using a DropDown Activity where a learner must choose the correct form of the missing letter to insert it in the answer box. This is causing a problem as the answer box is leaving extra spaces before and after the selected letter (see the attached Figure). Once we manually remove these extra spaces, they automatically reappear after closing the editor. How can we permanently remove these extra spaces?
    Thank you for your help!

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    Ignacio Gros

    Please attach an example (change the elp extension to zip so you can upload it) so we can test it. Thank you.

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    Ignacio Gros


    Changing that behavior will need compilation (an new eXe version), because the activity was designed to be used with complete words. If you need a kick solution, you can use CSS, as described in this topic. It’s not the perfect solution, but it’ll work. CSS code:

    .cloze-form select{margin-left:-.2em;margin-right:-.2em}

    I hope it helps.

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