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    Is it possible to record the answers of the quizzes of a student by an activity page?

    Many Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Donato:

    That information must be recorded somewhere. Tipically, that place is an LMS (like Moodle) and the SCORM standard defines a way to comunicate that info.

    Right now, only the SCORM idevice saves info:

    • The score: in Moodle it can be stored in the gradebook
    • The options selected by the user: in Moodle you can see them in the SCORM report.

    To record that info, you have to do this:

    • Export your package as SCORM1.2 or SCORM2004
    • Publish the package in an LMS. If you are using Moodle, I recommend you to use SCORM12
    • If you want to record the score, in Moodle you will have to select an option to decide how to calculate that score (average, maximum, minimun, …)
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    yes, i did something similar

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