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    Hi all,

    I’m very sorry I don’t know Spanish, so I’m writing in English. I am using eXeLearning to create e-learning modules for a nonprofit. It’s a wonderful tool and everything is working well except for one thing.

    When I create a multi-select iDevice, the automatic feedback that comes under every option is not very clear. It’s “Correct selection” when either the correct option is checked or the incorrect option is left unchecked, and it is “Incorrect selection” when the correct option is left unchecked or the incorrect option is checked. This is logically clear, but learners may get confused because of the wording. The modules I’m developing will reach learners who have limited proficiency in English, so I’m especially worried.

    I use eXe on Debian, and I have tried changing the text in /usr/share/exe/locale/en/exe.po and also /usr/share/exe/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/exe.po. I basically looked for the instances of “Correct selection” and “Incorrect selection” and changed them to clearer phrases. But the new phrases still don’t appear with multi-select questions. The old ones appear.

    I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me where I can change the response text under correct and incorrect options for the multi-select iDevice.

    Thank you very much,


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    HI Ravi,

    English is one of the “official” languages” of the project, and participation in English is welcome.

    What wording would you suggest? I’m interested. In that and in any improvement you may suggest, parts of the code have been written by non-English speakers and the UI may need review.

    The locale files are in /usr/share/exe/locale, but I don’t think the English MO is used, as the source code is written in English. Anyway when you modify a PO file you have to compile it into the MO that the machine understands, try that (msgfmt).


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    Thanks for the really quick reply! 

    I have just modifed in /usr/share/exe/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES and compiled it with msgfmt (using the sudo option — it didn’t execute without it). Then I renamed the output file as Now it worked! I can see the new response text under multi-select options.

    It is a bit difficult to come up with good wording for the multi-select response text, but for the time being I’ve put this in:

    For the correct option: “Good job! You’re right in either selecting this option or leaving it unselected.

    And here are the modifications in exe.po (line numbers 4265 onwards)

    #: exe/webui/ exe/webui/

    msgid “Correct”

    msgstr “Good job! You’re right in either selecting this option or leaving it unselected.”

    For the incorrect option: “This option is either correct and you have not selected it, or incorrect and you have selected it.

    And here are the modifications in exe.po (line numbers 4269 onwards)

    #: exe/webui/ exe/webui/

    msgid “Incorrect”

    msgstr “This option is either correct and you have not selected it, or incorrect and you have selected it.”

    I’m not very happy with this wording either, but I’m going to leave it for the time being. 

    Thanks so much for your help and the tip about compiling exe.po!

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    Good to read I was helpful! Nevertheless, I find your wording a bit too verbose, we should have to come out with something better. Right/wrong decision? Right/Wrong attempt?

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    Yes it is indeed too verbose, and students are probably going to still be confused. I’ve come up with another solution. Put an empty string in msgstr (” “) and then number the choices in a multi-select question (A, B, C, D, etc.). Then in the feedback, say which ones are right, for example, “A, B, and D are correct because…”.

    Moodle also has multi-select questions (a variation of multiple-choice actually), and there too the option-level feedback responses are confusing.

    I think I prefer a lo-tech solution for this particular question 🙂

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    A low-tech but very clever solution. I like it

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