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    <p>Hi, does anyone can help me how I do publish the courses a creat with eXe?</p><p>For instance, I have a site in WIX. How do I upload it to there? </p><p>Thanks so much!</p>

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    Ignacio Gros


    I don’t think you can publish that sort of content (any HTML, any JavaScript code…) in Wix or most free similar tools. You’ll need to upload the files to a server (using FileZilla or any other FTP client), publish them using an LMS (like Moodle), or try a solution like DRV (that might stop working…).

    You’ll find more information in this section of the eXeLearning manual.

    I hope it helps.

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    <p>Hi, Ignacio,</p><p>Thnak so much for your kind response and tips.</p><p>I really appreciate it.</p><p>Best regards!</p>

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