New in eXeLearning 2.7

– New iDevices: “TriviExt”, “Map”.
– srt Subtitles in local videos.
– GeoGebra iDevice usability revision.
– Full Game iDevices revision and compatibility with the latest MathJax version.
– New node contextual menu options: Add, rename, delete.
– iDevice editor: Show information about iDevice being deleted.
– UDL Content iDevice: Scroll to the content (main or alternative).
– No default content templates in the new version.
– Avoid HTML code in the server errors messages.
– Two options by default in the question iDevices.
– Improved compatibility with macOS previous versions.
– New complete translations: Spanish, Basque, Catalan, Galician, Valencian.
– Fixed: Content SIZE_LIMIT increased. (#496)
– Fixed: Create images from LaTeX (SNAP version). Mimetex package included. (#599)
– Fixed: Mac connection to GitHub (SSL context set). (#569)
– Fixed: Mac connection to Wikipedia (SSL context set). (#570)
– Fixed: RSS iDevice problems (“requests” module). (#497)
– Fixed: Download Classification Sources button not working. (#620)
– Fixed: Full-screen videos in PrettyPhoto. (#592)
– Fixed: Video player: Autoplay + Muted. (#604)
– Fixed: Interactive video iDevice messages presentation problem. (#615)
– Fixed: allowfullscreen missing after editing an IFRAME. (#614)
– Fixed: UDL Content iDevice error with alternative contents. ( #593)
– Fixed: Help links (new URL pattern). (#596)
– Fixed: Unwanted horizontal scroll bar with INTEF and UDL Styles. (#607)
– Fixed: Missing fonts in the SimplePoint Style (404 errors).
– Fixed: Cloze iDevice inputs width (too long). (#616)
– Fixed: Cloze activity: Spaces before and after each word removed. (#598)
– Fixed: UDL Style. Print version presentation problems. (#621)
– Fixed: UDL Style. Unwanted horizontal scrollbar (G. Chrome + Long words). (#628)
– Fixed: IFRAME content not displaying inside tabs, timelines, accordions… (#625)
– Fixed: Download elp iDevice: Unnecessary quotation marks. (#626)
– Fixed: Scrambled List iDevice introduction: Allow more than one paragraph. (#627)
– Fixed: Warn before editing or deleting another iDevice (“Save first” message). (#632)
– Fixed: Unsaved changes in Chrome/Edge. (#617)
– Fixed: Wrong Serbian translation. (#623)


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