Nueva versión: eXeLearning 2.0.1

Nueva versión estable de eXeLearning (eXeLearning 2.0.1)
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Todas las aportaciones son bienvenidas:

[Ignacio Gros]
* Fix bug #2196: “HTML5 video and audio problems (HTML5/Permissive mode)”
* Fix bug #2237: “More than one Show/Hide Editor Link after the TEXTAREA’s label”
* Fix bug #2253: “libot_drag.js updated to remove the code for old browsers and avoid the selection problems in Webkit”
* Fix bug #2248: “libot_drag.js out of the IEDA Style (it was not being used)”
* Fix bug #2261: “Submit icons were not visible (Ubuntu / FF 32.0.4)”
* Single Page Export: Add a new class to each node with its level (“level-1-node”, etc.)
* Fix bug #2273: “Some contents disappeared when the was an horizontal menu”

[Juan Rafael Fernández]
* Debian package conformance review
* Fix bug #2250: “Is XUL necessary to display the manual?”
* License specified in the About page

[Mercedes Cotelo]
* Fix bug #2211: “Cambio de nombre de plantilla carm a CARM”
* Fix bug #2263: “Modificación estilo CARM y CeDeC Derivados”

[Pedro Peña]
* Fix bug #2245: “Backwards compatibility may not work”
* Fix bug #2258: “No call to update-mime-database”
* Fix bug #2262: “Doble clic sobre archivo elp”
* New experimental category for Idevices

[Translation Teams]
* Updated translations of Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Dutch, Valencian, Basque,
Portuguese and Gallician.