New in eXeLearning 2.8.1

  • Properties tab: Custom HEAD and Footer. Allow TEXTAREA resize.
  • Improve File Picker behavior to follow software standards.
  • AppImage source files for Debian package creation.
  • Fixed: INTEF style. Accessibility issues and position problem.
  • Fixed: Block the DUA style so it can’t be deleted.
  • Fixed: Wikipedia iDevice. CSS revision.
  • Fixed: DL lists. ‘Show/Hide all’ links removed and presentation revision.
  • Fixed: TinyMCE. Wrong font-family in tables.
  • Fixed: Avoid ‘No clientHandleId in request’ exception when reloading the main area.
  • Fixed: Hangman game. Untranslated string.
  • Fixed: Application name and icon (Linux, Mac and Windows).
  • Fixed: IMS export. Missing files in imsmanifest.xml
  • Fixed: Windows / Mac. Application icon and name.
  • Fixed: Empty src attribute in games caused page reload (browser confirmation dialog on leaving page).

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