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Section 1 - Defining Properties

The Properties tab allows you to record general details about your project e.g. Title, Author, and Description. It also allows you to define the taxonomy you may prefer to use to describe the different components or levels within the resource.


To begin this activity with eXeLearning open (see Chapter 2- Starting eXeLearning).

  1. Select the Properties tab (at the top of the authoring workspace).
  2. Type a title for this resource in the Title field e.g. eXe Tutorial.
  3. Type in the author details and a brief description of the resource in the space provided.
  4. Change the taxonomy to Module, Section, Map. (The taxonomy determines the naming convention for the different levels in the outline).
  5. Click <Done>.
  6. Return to the Authoring tab.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License 4.0