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Section 2 - Defining an outline

The Outline tool set allows you to define the structure your project will take. This is particularly useful for large or complex projects that contain many parts or topics. On startup the authoring pane displays to the right of the eXeLearning sidebar. The outline pane displays two defaultd nodes, draft and home.

The Home node is the first page displayed when the project is exported to the web or an LMS. This is a parent node and additional child level nodes can be added under this node.

Adding nodes
To add additional nodes select the parent node by highlighting the parent level and click the Add Page button.

Delete nodes
To delete a node select the node you want to delete and click the delete button. A dialogue message displays to check this action. Click OK to continue.

Renaming nodes
Select the node you want to rename and double click. A dialogue message prompts you to enter the new name. Enter the name and click OK. This action can also be done using the Rename button at the top of the panel.
Promote/Demote arrows
The promote/demote arrows are located beneath the outline pane. Selecting a node and clicking on one of the arrows will change the position of that node with the outline structure.


Now try adding a new Module to your project. To do this click on the parent node you want the new "child" module to be associated with and click the <Add Page> button. Select the new module and double click or click <Rename>. Add a title, in this case call it eXeLearning Tutorial.

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