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Sub-section1 - Entering content into the iDevice

If you have been working through this chapter in sequence, you should have:

  • Defined the properties for your resource
  • Worked with the outline and established a module entitled eXeLearning Tutorial, and
  • Looked at selecting iDevices from the iDevice menu.


Use the following steps to create content with an iDevice.

  1. Select the Free Text iDevice from the menu displayed (from the sidebar to the left of the screen).
  2. Type the following phrase in the authoring workspace displayed 'The eLearning XHTML editor (eXeLearning) is a web-based authoring environment designed to assist teachers and academics in the design, development and publishing of web-based learning and teaching materials without the need to become proficient in HTML, XML, HTML5 or complicated web-publishing applications.'
  3. Click the green checkmark. This will display the content you have just entered in view mode.

This action has not saved your content in your project. To save:

  1. Select <file> from the toolbar menu and choose <save>
  2. Enter the filename you wish to give your project
  3. Click <Save>. A confirmation message will be displayed
Formatting content using Rich Text Editor

Using the iDevice rich text editor you enter your content as you would if you were using standard word processing type applications. Formatting of your content at this stage is relatively simple and the editing toolbar located above each editing frame provides some simple formatting, searching and linking functionality.  It also allows embedding images, movies, audio files, math symbols, and arbitrary attachments.

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