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Section 5 - Save, Load and Export functions


Saving your project content

To save your project

  1. Select the <file> from the toolbar menu and choose <save>
  2. Enter the filename you wish to give your project
  3. Click <save>. A confirmation message will be displayed


Loading saved packages

To load a previously saved package

  1. Click <file> in the toolbar menu and choose <open>
  2. Select the package you want to open
  3. Click <open>.
Note: The newly selected project will load in this browser view and close the previous project. 

Exporting project packages

Projects can be exported web packages ready for publishing to the web, as SCORM and IMS packages for publishing to SCORM compliant Learning management systems (LMS) or ePub3.


To export project packages

  1. Select <file> in the toolbar menu
  2. Select the <export> format you wish to use from the dropdown menu
  3. Click <export>. Your project will be exported to your My Documents file. 
  4. To view the web pages select <Tools> + <Preview> or you will find a folder labeled with you project title. Open the file and double click on the Index file.
  5. To view SCORM or IMS file unzip the file's contents. Clicking on a page will enable you to view the contents
  6. To view ePub3, install Gitden Reader or ibooks in your smartphone.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License 4.0