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Section 4 - Creating an iDevice using the Editor

iDevice Editor

The iDevice Editor is a feature that allows you to design your own simple iDevices to fit your typical use patterns and instructional style.


Creating an iDevice

  1. With eXeLearning running, select Tools from the toolbar menu and select iDevice Editor. The iDevice editor window will open.
  2. Enter the device name, author name, and a description of the iDevice.
  3. Enter any pedagological help you might give to other users on how you see the device being used.
  4. Select the emphasis you want the content to have from the drop down menu.
  5. The next step is to build your iDevice by selecting the elements you want to appear in your iDevice. The Add Text Field provides you with a single line input field, the Add Text Area gives you a multiple line input field and an image input field is now available.
  6. Give each element added a label and provide instructions on usability.
  7. Click Save. The new iDevice will appear in the iDevices Pane. This iDevice now behaves in the same manner as the other iDevices.
  8. To create additional iDevices open the iDevice editing window and click the Reset button at the foot of the window.


Deleting iDevices created with the Editor
NOTE: eXeLearning does not currently have a roll back or delete an iDevice feature. If you want to delete iDevices created with the editor this action will delete all the idevices you have created. Content created with a new iDevice however, remains part of your content and is editable.

  1. For Windows users, click 'My documents' or 'Home' for Linux users.
  2. Select the file and press the Delete key.

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